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Kitchen Remodeling

Give your kitchen a makeover for the New Year!

Updating your kitchen will give your Boca Raton home a unique feel and delight everyone who enters it while adding value to your property. The perfect cabinets, storage accessories, flooring, lighting, and kitchen island installation can make all the difference!

Here are five renovation ideas to get your kitchen ready for family gatherings:


A New Layout

When remodeling your kitchen, a timeless look that you can enhance with seasonal decor never fails. The kitchen is often one of the most-used rooms in your home, so it’s essential to transform your kitchen layout from a cramped to a welcoming and functional space for food prep, storage, seating, and dining. Consider removing or relocating any cabinets that are taking up too much space. Keeping things open with an organized layout will allow for more accessible storage options and better flow when cooking large meals.

A Change of Cabinetry

If your cabinets need extra attention, Florida Luxury Cabinets has just what you need. Outdated or badly worn-down cabinets can significantly decrease the overall appearance of your kitchen design and its value. Luckily, cabinetry is our specialty, and our options are seemingly endless. We’ll help you decide on a style or custom design to go with your kitchen design before matching colors and moving on to installation.

Kitchen Island

Is your kitchen feeling a little cramped? It’s time to consider adding a kitchen island to create more space for entertaining. It will give you extra prep and storage space, and you can also use it as a buffet for family meals or a place to set out desserts and drinks. Plus, bar seating allows you to accommodate more guests than usual. A gorgeous kitchen island can add style and functionality to your everyday life.

Storage Accessories

New storage accessories are a must if you’re planning a kitchen remodel. Pull-out shelves and racks can make your kitchen more functional and organized. Lazy susans and pull-out shelves can make every inch of your kitchen accessible, while racks and in-between cabinet shelving can help you store and organize everything from pans and cookie sheets to spices and cans. Cabinet and drawer accessories are designed to make your life easier and your kitchen more efficient.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Are you looking to add a modern ambiance to your kitchen? Make sure to add under-cabinet lighting for that perfect finishing touch! Under-cabinet lighting creates a bright and clean look all year round and adds a focal point to an ordinary wall.

With dimmable lighting, you can adjust it to give your kitchen a warm glow for a cozy mood. Under-cabinet lights can also spotlight your favorite countertop decorative piece.

If your property needs a kitchen renovation, don’t put it on hold! Call Florida Luxury Cabinets today to learn how we can transform your house back into a home.

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