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Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is where homeowners and guests spend most of their time. Finding suitable cabinets for your Boca Raton home is essential to its value and the quality of your home life. Reputable companies like Florida Luxury Cabinets offer custom kitchen cabinets tailored to your needs while prioritizing your home’s beauty.

When you think “luxury kitchen,” what comes to mind? Is it sleek and modern cabinetry or metal fixtures and futuristic lighting? No matter your vision, Florida Luxury Cabinets can meet all your high-end kitchen needs in one place with its kitchen cabinet installation service.

Here are some of our most popular cabinet features and designs for your kitchen:



We can customize your cabinet faces with natural, high-gloss, or matte finishes to give your kitchen your desired look. The right finish adds to the lighting in your kitchen and provides a sleek, new look.


Handleless cabinets create a silky-smooth exterior that is great for flat cabinets or those who like the modern industrial look. They usually are installed with a push latch to open and shut the doors quickly with a gentle push. The magnetic latch is entirely hands-free. If you still like the look of some hardware, you can install tab pulls. Tab pulls are small, sleek hardware units attached to the cabinet edge; they’re easy to grip but almost hidden from view. Another choice would be classic bar pulls, slightly bigger but preserving the cabinet lines.

High Function

A kitchen remodeling with Florida Luxury Cabinets will be highly functional and encourage organization. With ample storage, nothing stays on the countertop without reason. When you add a full-size pantry or raised pantry cabinet, you can easily keep all your stored items in one place.


Farmhouse cabinet doors have emerged as a popular style in many homes. Country farmhouse cabinets often feature open shelving and natural woodgrains to echo the look of well-loved furniture. Consider cabinet doors like shaker, mullion, or raised panel construction for the farmhouse look.


You’ll often see Frameless Cabinet doors for a minimalist and contemporary kitchen. The minimalist look embraces clean lines, practicality, and function. The slab door is the most popular for this type of kitchen. White Shaker cabinets also work well for this style.


Traditional kitchens can include cabinet door profiles, such as mullion, cathedral, and recessed panels. This timeless and welcoming kitchen style features cabinet doors with beautiful details that embrace natural colors and materials.

Cabinet refacing is also an intelligent decision if it’s time to sell the house. Many real estate agents will advise their clients to upgrade their kitchen cabinets because this work has proven an excellent investment for a profitable return.

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