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Countertop Installation

When renovating your Boca Raton home, it’s essential to consider all the different aspects of your workspaces and what can be improved. Countertops are one such aspect, and there’s a world of options to choose from! Today, we’ll introduce you to different countertop materials and styles and the pros and cons of each one so that when it’s time for countertop installation, you have a good idea of what will best suit your needs.


Granite is a popular countertop option because of its durability, relatively low maintenance, and a wide variety. It is naturally occurring and mined from quarries worldwide and cut into slabs. These slabs are polished to show their natural design or desired style and sealed before installation.

Granite is a porous stone, so it needs to be sealed annually to prevent bacteria growth and staining. That being said, the sealing process is pretty straightforward. You can purchase a sealant from many locations, spray it on, and let it dry for a day. Or leave the procedure to the experts! Overall, granite is an excellent choice for a sleek, timeless kitchen and can be affordable.


For a slightly more luxurious countertop, quartz is a great option. Quartz is a mined stone as well but in much smaller sizes. Quartz comes in a fine powder that is then pressed and manufactured into a slab; a typical quartz slab is 96% quartz and 4% resin. The design in quartz slabs is created with pigment and resin. Some quartz designs are made to look like granite, marble, concrete, and others are just a solid color.

Unlike granite and marble, quartz is maintenance-free and does not have to be sealed yearly. It is non-porous and also more durable than granite.


Marble has been long sought-after for kitchens and bathrooms since its sleek, beautiful design can illuminate any space. Unfortunately, there are also some downsides when using marble as your countertop. Firstly, the surface is very porous, allowing stains to happen often and because of this, sealing marble countertops regularly (every six months, ideally) is essential. Second, marble is softer than most stones, like granite and quartz, so it’s more prone to chips and nicks. Marble is a classic and beautiful option for your countertops if you’re willing to put in a little work!


Concrete countertops are excellent for creating an industrial-meets-modern look or rustic charm. They’re neutral surfaces that can complement a variety of design styles. Concrete can be poured into many shapes and sizes, making it more versatile than other mineral countertops. If this sounds appealing, contact Florida Luxury Cabinets or visit our Boca Raton location for a consultation!

Wood/Butcher Block

Wood countertops are an affordable, stylish and straightforward choice for your kitchen. They look clean-cut and high-quality with the natural beauty of polished wood or butcher block inlays made to fit any size space you need. To maintain wood, you must supplement its natural moisture by oiling it regularly and using gentle wood cleaners.

Of course, your counters have several other options, like resin, laminate, tile, and faux stone slabs. No matter your budget or home improvement goals, you can rely on Florida Luxury Cabinets to have what you need. Investing in quality countertops and craftsmanship is always worth it in the long run.

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