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Bedroom Cabinet

Think about the comfort and relaxation you feel with an organized wardrobe. With custom cabinetry from Florida Luxury Cabinets, that blissful feeling can be an everyday reality! Whether you need walk-in cabinetry in a luxury home, a small reach-in cabinet in one of the kid’s bedrooms, or a wardrobe closet in your studio or loft, our bedroom cabinets installation service in Boca Raton can make it quicker and easier to find your things.

Customize your cabinetry for function and style

Customized cabinets add style and practical storage, leaving you with a calm, restful place to sleep. Forget about multiple dressers and under-sized bedside tables. Instead, declutter with built-ins that suit your style.

Optimize Your Space

When developing a plan for your new cabinet, think about all the things about your current closet which frustrate you today. Then think about installations that best solve these problems and make your mornings easier!

Reach-in Cabinetry

Reach-in cabinets optimize your room for better storage because they are customized to fit your space and create square footage compared to loose furniture. From drawers and shelves to double-hanging systems, your permanent cabinets will help your clothes stay organized and in better shape.

Walk-in Closet

Transform your spare room into a luxurious, custom-designed walk-in cabinet with wall-to-wall organization outfitted with matching accessories. Every inch can be tailored to fit your storage and aesthetic needs with shelves, drawers, and more. Beautifully detailed and installed, your walk-in closet will quickly become your favorite room.

Wardrobe Cabinet

A custom wardrobe cabinet can provide just the right amount of extra organizational space. There’s no limit to the size or configurations available.

Sliding Cabinet Doors

Whether you need to outfit a cabinet doorway, divide a room, or create a cabinet by closing off the end of a room, our custom sliding doors make excellent room dividers.

Cabinet Accessories

Customize your cabinet with a wide range of products to stay organized. These thoughtful details can make a beautiful difference in your home organization, from valet rods and shoe racks to jewelry drawer inserts.

Decorative Hardware

The finishing touches are what make your cabinetry unique. Classic, transitional, or contemporary, we have decorative hardware to suit your taste and match your style.

Take your Custom Cabinets to the next level.

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